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Title: PZ2 Files - Celebi's Black and White and Green Furs
Post by: TaishoBee on February 09, 2013, 02:18:54 AM
New PZ2 files for Celebi's Krystal Furs

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These girls are sisters and the short one is not meant to be a child or teenager of any sort. She is just short and smaller than her sisters.

I made new MAT files for these as the original ones were linked to Celebi's hard drive and so they didn't work. They are in .pz2 format and have been tested in Poser.

I am trying to make the furry tail match these, for fun, but I am having trouble getting the material files to save properly.

The black and white and green fur files on ShareCG for this particular set say Unrestricted Use, so I am including the textures. I also tried getting in touch with Celebi but never got an answer.

Halloween (Orange one in the middle) is marked as do not redistribute, this means that you will have to download ONLY these textures by themselves. Grab them here (!

Without these the MAT files will not work. Once downloaded, please place these in Runtime/Textures/Celebi/Starfox

I did NOT make any of the textures and I did not alter them. I did have to rename the black and white ones because the original file names crashed Poser for some reason.

I will remove this if requested.

ALL textures by Celebi at ShareCG Originals Here! (


YOU MUST have the following to use these!

Little Dragon's Starfox Krystal (Free Model).
Download Krystal (

Celebi's Halloween Furs for Krystal (For actual textures only.)
Grab them here ( (